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Welcome to Condition Red!

Condition Red is a World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the Thunderhorn (US) server.

We are a casual-friendly guild that raids. If you are a guest to this site and have interest in the guild, feel free to contact us in-game or post on the public forums here.

Non-raiders are also welcome, we do plenty of 5 mans and other things as well!
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cheesestick01, Dec 9, 10 3:26 PM.
Watch this space for news as we move through Cataclysm!

Good to see that we are able to max out our guild experience points daily, so far!

Adding "Progression" Raid Night

cheesestick01, Aug 30, 10 10:08 PM.
UPDATE: The progression raid night will be Sunday nights, starting Sept 12!

Hi all,

The guild leadership has decided to alter our raiding strategy a bit. Our core raiders would like to see more raiding progression as a guild. We feel it is important, however, to retain our super-casual raiding style for those who prefer that.

I would like to stress that we are not subtracting anything from how we raid. We are only adding a second type of raid that has a different goal.

To accomplish this, the changes going forward -- starting Monday, Sept 6th 2010 -- will be:

  1. We are adding a Sunday raid night which will be "progression night". Our goal will be, as a group effort, to progress as far as possible before the expansion hits -- this includes ICC10 cleared, hard modes, and other things we have not yet accomplished such as difficult achievements that have rewards, clearing RS, etc.

  2. Our current Thursday raid will stay intact, and we have added a Monday night joint raid with our allies to make it more likely that it gets filled.

Each of the three raid nights has its own lockout ID.
The new joint raid can be seen as kind of a catchall raid -- if you have an alt or missed the other raids and feel like going, you can go with no fear of messing up raid IDs.

To be absolutely clear, the new raid is NOT a change in our interpersonal relationships that we hold dear in Condition Red. It is merely a change in goals for the new raid, because many people in our guild find progressing more fun than simply getting gear. It is catered to those who get their fun from progression! The fun factor will improve for those folks.

You may wonder what will be different about Sunday raids? Well, with our goal being progression, this means a few things:

  • We will retain raid IDs more often, to work on progression content.

  • We will require a higher gear score to attend. (2900 on

  • We will require people to sign up with and bring their best character, that which is best geared or which performs the best.

  • We will require raid members to have and use DBM - DeadlyBossMods (get it at Blizzard tunes their raids with the assumption that mods like this will be used, so we wish to "level the playing field" so to speak, and use it.

  • We will require raid members to have and use Vent to at least listen (talking ability is not required)  - get it at

  • We require all raid members to be fully gemmed & enchanted properly, and to use flasks or elixirs and food buffs. If you cannot make or afford a full set of gems/enchants, flasks or elixirs, talk to Moon about guild bank supplies. We are not in the business of fully decking everyone out for free, but we will help out when it makes sense. If you are not sure what "proper" gems and enchants are, please ask -- we are here to help!

  • We request all raid members bring buff potions (such as Wild Magic) for those attempts for which we are on the cusp. If you cannot make or afford these potions, talk to Moon about guild bank supplies.

  • We may request raid members to switch characters or specs during a raid to make the raid viable or to set up for a particular boss. In this case, if the member switches specs, they may choose which spec to roll need for. If the member switches characters in the middle of the raid at our request, their need roll is reset for the night.

  • We request that raid members strive to perform at least up to their gear level, by visiting sites such as elitistjerks or by asking guild leadership for help.

  • If a raid member is clearly in need of advice or tips during or after a raid, they may be approached by the guild leadership to receive those tips and that advice. If you are uncomfortable with getting tips and advice or are unwilling to listen and try the adjustments, the Thursday or Monday raid may be where you would have the most fun. We will still never yell or disparage anyone -- the advice will be given to improve the team, not to make people feel bad.

  • Expect to wipe a lot on Sundays. This is absolutely part of raid progression. Those who would be going on Sundays likely find their fun in adjusting strategies or practicing to get the boss down, with input from everyone, and then when the boss finally goes down, it is a special feeling. If you just want to get your gear and go home and/or get frustrated at wipes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Different people get their fun in different ways. If you are such a person, we encourage you to attend the Thursday or Monday raids and skip the Sunday raids.

Ok so who is the guild leadership mentioned here? Foods and Moon. Additionally, we are promoting Mummbles/Cin and Irraa/Mortifero to Steak rank, which means that they are experienced raiders who do their research, and know a lot about the game. These two will also be guild leadership when it comes to our progression raids.

If anyone else would like to be of that rank and feels they can help out, by all means please speak to Foods or Moon!

This has been posted also in the forums here, for anyone that has questions or wishes to provide feedback!

CR Progression

cheesestick01, Jul 11, 10 7:23 PM.

Well a bit ago we downed Professor Putricide and beat the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter, now we are 8/12 in ICC. Getting there :)

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